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From Montana to Qinghai: The Importance of National Parks


By Patricia Dowd, Program Manager, Yellowstone Field Office In July 2011, I received an unexpected email from someone named Lisong Ni. I’m glad I did. Lisong is part of a small group of people working to create a new national park in China’s Qinghai Province. He contacted me because of my experience in Wyoming and Montana, including Yellowstone National Park, [...]

Posted on: November 14 2012
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Wolves under Fire in Wyoming


By Sharon Mader, Senior Program Manager, Grand Teton This month has been a sad one for Wyoming’s wolves. On October 1, the federal government removed wolves from the protection of the Endangered Species Act, allowing the state to permit hunting of these animals, despite glaring deficiencies in Wyoming’s wolf management plan. Even worse, the state included national park lands (namely, [...]

Posted on: October 23 2012
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National Parks Plus Kids, Week Five: On to Yellowstone!


By Craig Obey, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs The world’s first national park is, not surprisingly, a fascinating, magical wonderland. Take your kids! There’s nothing quite like watching your children thrill at their first Old Faithful eruption, or feeling your souls jump in unison at the primordial howls of wolves in the Lamar Valley. Yellowstone offers so many surprises. It [...]

Posted on: September 28 2012
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Everybody Needs a Rock, and to Know Where to Find One


By Mark Woods, Florida Times-Union As her cousins raced down a path in Yellowstone National Park a couple of weeks ago, Mia lagged behind. She was upset. I don’t even remember exactly what she was upset about, just that it was the kind of meltdown that is an age-old staple of family trips. Anyone who has ever gone on a [...]

Posted on: August 14 2012
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New Beginnings for Yellowstone’s Pronghorn


by Joe Josephson, NPCA’s Yellowstone Wildlife Fellow As the season rushes into high summer, I’m left thinking fondly of the past month in Yellowstone National Park and Paradise Valley near my home in Livingston, Montana. The fickle transition from spring to summer is often associated with the astrological sign of Gemini, or twins, and this is especially fitting for me, [...]

Posted on: July 25 2012
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