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12 of the Quirkiest National Park Animals


Each month, NPCA puts together a slideshow exploring our National Park System. To get these features delivered to your inbox each month, sign up for Park Lines, NPCA’s newsletter. -Jennifer Errick, Editor, Online Communications

Posted on: March 31 2014
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Sock Thief Confronts Climate Change: A Pika Tale


By Katherine McKinney, Senior Coordinator, Mid-Atlantic Regional Office It’s startlingly sunny and windswept beside the lake I have hiked two hours uphill to see in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness of Colorado. My shoes and socks are off, my muscles are the good kind of tired, and I’m sitting on a rock in the middle of a scree field next to [...]

Posted on: February 18 2014
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Take an Online Tour of the Buffalo, America’s First National River


Congress designated the Buffalo as America’s first national river back in 1972; today, it remains one of the last undammed rivers in the country. In recent months, NPCA has helped protect its sensitive waters by taking legal action against an unprecedented factory farm that sits on a major tributary of the river. These photos showcase the stunning landscape that supporters [...]

Posted on: November 15 2013
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Lone Wolves on Michigan’s Isle Royale: An Island Dilemma


By Christine Goepfert, Upper Midwest Program Manager Isle Royale National Park’s remote wilderness is, in many visitors’ opinions, one of its best attributes. But this isolation may be contributing to the decline of one of its most beloved residents: wolves. These magnificent animals originally migrated to Isle Royale by crossing over ice bridges from the mainland, but because of the [...]

Posted on: September 17 2013
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The Fisher Kingdom: Help Return Native Animals to the Northwest


The Pacific fisher once roamed the forests of the northwestern United States, building dens and raising kits among the old-growth forests of the Cascade Mountains. Now, after decades of trapping and logging, the animals are all but gone from Washington State. Last month, the Park Service proposed a new program to bring more of these native animals back to Mount [...]

Posted on: September 4 2013
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