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Meet NPCA’s New President and CEO: A Q&A with Innovator and Conservationist Clark Bunting


Earlier this week, NPCA named a new president and CEO to lead the organization during a time of political volatility, symbolic milestones, and strong public support for national parks. Innovator and conservationist Clark Bunting will take the helm next week after 26 years at the Discovery Channel, most recently as president and general manager, helping to pioneer such classic programs [...]

Posted on: November 8 2013
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Lone Wolves on Michigan’s Isle Royale: An Island Dilemma


By Christine Goepfert, Upper Midwest Program Manager Isle Royale National Park’s remote wilderness is, in many visitors’ opinions, one of its best attributes. But this isolation may be contributing to the decline of one of its most beloved residents: wolves. These magnificent animals originally migrated to Isle Royale by crossing over ice bridges from the mainland, but because of the [...]

Posted on: September 17 2013
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The Fisher Kingdom: Help Return Native Animals to the Northwest


The Pacific fisher once roamed the forests of the northwestern United States, building dens and raising kits among the old-growth forests of the Cascade Mountains. Now, after decades of trapping and logging, the animals are all but gone from Washington State. Last month, the Park Service proposed a new program to bring more of these native animals back to Mount [...]

Posted on: September 4 2013
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Fracking and National Park Wildlife


By James D. Nations, Ph.D., Vice President for NPCA’s Center for Park Research Every year, hydraulic fracturing for natural gas and oil (known as “fracking”) moves closer to national park boundaries, posing threats to park wildlife that science is only beginning to understand. From the eastern boundary of Glacier National Park in Montana, visitors can throw a stone and hit [...]

Posted on: May 28 2013
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NPCA Petitions Park Service to Safeguard Park Wolves in Wyoming


By Sharon Mader, Senior Program Manager, Grand Teton Field Office Last September, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) approved a plan to remove gray wolves from the Endangered Species List in Wyoming. This controversial delisting could someday allow state-run wolf hunting within the John D. Rockefeller Parkway, a 24,000-acre national park site that connects Grand Teton and Yellowstone National [...]

Posted on: May 22 2013
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