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Take an Online Tour of Dinosaur National Monument in Utah and Colorado


The aptly named Dinosaur National Monument is the place to indulge your curiosity about the “terrible lizards” that roamed the Southwest 149 million years ago. The site preserves thousands of fossils in its rock walls as well as the extraordinary scenery carved by the Green and Yampa Rivers. Each month, NPCA puts together a slideshow exploring one of the 401 [...]

Posted on: December 12 2013
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Park Allies Target an Unwelcome Guest at Petrified Forest: Tumbleweed


I love living in Arizona. The natural landscapes have always been among my favorite places to explore, with its many climates and ecosystems, including the desert, forests, mountains, and canyons. Yet, the native flora and fauna in my state face a serious threat: invasive species. Invasives, such as buffelgrass and quagga mussels, pose a direct economic and environmental threat to [...]

Posted on: November 20 2013
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This Month’s Featured National Heritage Area: Mormon Pioneer Highlights Fierce Determination in a Rugged Landscape


By Alan Spears, Government Affairs Cultural Resources Director “It’s a hell of a place to lose a cow.” So sings folklorist, musician, and proud Utah native Clive Romney. I’m with 20 members of the Alliance of National Heritage Areas who’ve come to Utah to tour the Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area. Thanks to the shutdown of the federal  government and [...]

Posted on: October 30 2013
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The 8,000-Year Park: Why One of My Favorite Places Doesn’t Fit on NPCA’s Clean Air Timeline


By Jennifer Errick, Editor, Online Communications The first time I visited Saguaro National Park in Tucson, Arizona, it literally expanded my world. You can sign NPCA’s petition for stricter air-quality standards near national parks–8,000 years is too long to wait! I was 27 then, and I’d spent my whole life on the East Coast, surrounded by tall buildings, crowded roads, [...]

Posted on: September 26 2013
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Four Stops, One Destination: Meeting Visionary Mom Maite Arce in Her Quest to Protect and Enjoy Desert Parks


By Erika Pollard, Southwest Program Manager It was hands-down the most impressive lightning storm I have ever seen. Last month, I was driving out of Arches National Park at night with my young boys, Vann, age 7, and Billy, age 6. Every few seconds, a magnificent strike of lightning lit up the darkened sky, exposing the towering sandstone formations of [...]

Posted on: August 20 2013
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