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If Americans Overwhelmingly Love Our National Parks, Why Isn’t Congress Fully Funding Them?


By Theresa Pierno, Acting President of NPCA It’s not difficult to understand why Americans show such strong bipartisan support and genuine love for our national parks—one visit is all it takes. I had one of those special visits ten years ago when I traveled to Alaska with my husband, son, and parents to experience Denali National Park for the first [...]

Posted on: October 23 2013
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Small Potatoes in a Big Standoff: National Parks Reopen, but Remain Threatened by a Broken Budget Process


By Craig Obey, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs After an agonizing 16-day impasse, Congress and the administration finally reopened the federal government on October 17 and authorized a short-term resolution that will fund national parks through January 15, 2014. We missed these places, and we’re happy to see open signs replace closed signs at last. The fight to adequately fund [...]

Posted on: October 17 2013
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Why Can’t Visitors Walk In to “Open-Air” Parks?


By John Garder, Director, Budget and Appropriations National parks are prominent icons representing the very best of America—so it’s not surprising that losing access to these inspirational places is causing heartbreak and anger around the country. When Congress closed the national parks as part of the government shutdown on October 1, it affected hundreds of thousands of visitors, business owners, [...]

Posted on: October 11 2013
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Q&A: Do Visitors Really Need to Be Shut Out of National Parks During the Government Shutdown?


By John Garder, Director, Budget and Appropriations As we enter week two of the government shutdown, closed signs and barricades at national parks have become powerful symbols of the fiscal standoff’s impact on people around the country. Visitors are understandably angry and upset to lose access to these places of national pride. Those lost visitors mean that tourist-driven businesses in [...]

Posted on: October 8 2013
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Emotional and Financial Toll of Government Shutdown Hits Home for National Park Service Personnel


By Emily Douce, Budget and Appropriations Specialist “It was not the National Park Service’s choice to close the parks, but Congress’. Unfortunately, some people were blaming the National Park Service for denying access. It wasn’t easy to ask people to leave; we wanted the people to enjoy the public lands.” -Alan O’Neill, former superintendent of Lake Mead National Recreation Area [...]

Posted on: October 4 2013
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