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Old School Meets New Design: A Q&A with “See America” Artist Brixton Doyle


By Scott Kirkwood, Senior Director of Publications Nearly 80 years ago, President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration launched the “See America” campaign, which put artists to work designing posters that depict the country’s iconic destinations. Now, NPCA is teaming up with the Creative Action Network (CAN) to put a modern spin on the series, essentially pairing two of America’s [...]

Posted on: February 12 2014
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A Transformative Victory: A Q&A with Don Barger on Progress Reducing Coal-Based Pollution in the Southeast


By Jennifer Errick, Editor, Online Communications In 2011, NPCA helped broker a historic agreement with the country’s largest power utility, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), to retrofit or retire 54 of its 59 coal-fired boilers. This agreement, known as a consent decree, is not only having a measurable impact on air quality, it’s turning out to be a smart business decision [...]

Posted on: December 4 2013
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Meet NPCA’s New President and CEO: A Q&A with Innovator and Conservationist Clark Bunting


Earlier this week, NPCA named a new president and CEO to lead the organization during a time of political volatility, symbolic milestones, and strong public support for national parks. Innovator and conservationist Clark Bunting will take the helm next week after 26 years at the Discovery Channel, most recently as president and general manager, helping to pioneer such classic programs [...]

Posted on: November 8 2013
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Q&A: Do Visitors Really Need to Be Shut Out of National Parks During the Government Shutdown?


By John Garder, Director, Budget and Appropriations As we enter week two of the government shutdown, closed signs and barricades at national parks have become powerful symbols of the fiscal standoff’s impact on people around the country. Visitors are understandably angry and upset to lose access to these places of national pride. Those lost visitors mean that tourist-driven businesses in [...]

Posted on: October 8 2013
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Preserving the Stories of Atomic City: A Q&A with Denise Kiernan


By Kati Schmidt, Senior Media Relations Manager Watch Denise Kiernan live: NPCA is hosting a Google Hangout on June 11 with author Denise Kiernan, Atomic Heritage Foundation President Cynthia Kelly, and NPCA Senior Vice President for Policy Ron Tipton. Sign up to watch live and ask the panel your questions!   If you feel out of the loop at work, [...]

Posted on: June 4 2013
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