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Death of Alpha Wolf Sparks Renewed Concern over Hunting near Yellowstone


By Sharon Mader, Senior Program Manager, Grand Teton She was graceful and photogenic. She was a good mother. She was widely admired for her strength and beauty. But earlier this month, a hunter killed one of Yellowstone’s most famous canines just 15 miles outside the park boundary in Wyoming—the gray wolf that led the Lamar Canyon Pack in the northeast [...]

Posted on: December 27 2012
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Hikes to See Pronghorn Feature Unexpected Guests: An Autumn Walk through the Yellowstone Backcountry


By Joe Josephson, NPCA’s Yellowstone Wildlife Fellow In conservation, it is easy to get wrapped up in wonky policy debates or overcome by process. Fortunately, my Nature Valley-sponsored “Path of the Pronghorn” hikes each fall are a poignant reminder of the beauty and natural order that exist in Yellowstone National Park and why we work so hard to protect it. [...]

Posted on: December 12 2012
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Call Me Ranger … National Park Ranger


By Sean Smith, NPCA’s Northwest Policy director and former Yellowstone ranger With the recent release of Skyfall, the new James Bond adventure, I’m reminded of how my love of the secret agent’s adventures and my passion for national parks led to writing a Bond-style thriller, set in Yellowstone National Park. Unleashing Colter’s Hell tells the story of a single park [...]

Posted on: November 21 2012
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From Montana to Qinghai: The Importance of National Parks


By Patricia Dowd, Program Manager, Yellowstone Field Office In July 2011, I received an unexpected email from someone named Lisong Ni. I’m glad I did. Lisong is part of a small group of people working to create a new national park in China’s Qinghai Province. He contacted me because of my experience in Wyoming and Montana, including Yellowstone National Park, [...]

Posted on: November 14 2012
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Wolves under Fire in Wyoming


By Sharon Mader, Senior Program Manager, Grand Teton This month has been a sad one for Wyoming’s wolves. On October 1, the federal government removed wolves from the protection of the Endangered Species Act, allowing the state to permit hunting of these animals, despite glaring deficiencies in Wyoming’s wolf management plan. Even worse, the state included national park lands (namely, [...]

Posted on: October 23 2012
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