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Filling in the Gaps at Grand Teton: 1,280 Reasons to Celebrate


By Sharon Mader, Senior Program Manager, Grand Teton Field Office No matter how many times I venture into Grand Teton National Park, I am awestruck by the majestic peaks, extraordinary wildlife, and skies that extend for miles. While builders continue to develop land around the park for commercial uses and trophy homes, the land inside the park remains a sanctuary for [...]

Posted on: March 10 2014
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Explore the Oil and Gas Development That Threatens Theodore Roosevelt’s Backyard


When a young Theodore Roosevelt owned and operated a cattle ranch in the badlands of western North Dakota in the 1880s, the landscape was a remote wilderness. Sixty years later, when the area around his ranch was protected as part of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, it quickly became a destination for travelers looking for unspoiled vistas and abundant wildlife. Today, [...]

Posted on: February 25 2014
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Sock Thief Confronts Climate Change: A Pika Tale


By Katherine McKinney, Senior Coordinator, Mid-Atlantic Regional Office It’s startlingly sunny and windswept beside the lake I have hiked two hours uphill to see in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness of Colorado. My shoes and socks are off, my muscles are the good kind of tired, and I’m sitting on a rock in the middle of a scree field next to [...]

Posted on: February 18 2014
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Take an Online Tour of Majestic Grand Teton in Wyoming


Seven thousand feet above the valley of Jackson Hole, the Teton Range dominates the landscape with its jagged granite pinnacles. Summer is an ideal time to explore this magnificent park and its 200 miles of trails, after most of the snow has melted and wildflowers are bursting with color. Each month, NPCA puts together a slideshow exploring one of the [...]

Posted on: July 18 2013
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Fracking and National Park Wildlife


By James D. Nations, Ph.D., Vice President for NPCA’s Center for Park Research Every year, hydraulic fracturing for natural gas and oil (known as “fracking”) moves closer to national park boundaries, posing threats to park wildlife that science is only beginning to understand. From the eastern boundary of Glacier National Park in Montana, visitors can throw a stone and hit [...]

Posted on: May 28 2013
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