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Best of the ’Net: The Get Outside Edition


Best of the ’Net is NPCA’s weekly roundup of fun park-related stuff online. I love spring! You see more and more people getting outside enjoying our parks. I have a few things to help get you outdoors this week, including tips for your next trip to Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park, an excuse to take the kids out, and [...]

Posted on: May 10 2013
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Protecting a Home for Wildlife on the Range: Ode to a Fenceless Landscape


By Sharon Mader, Senior Program Manager, Grand Teton Field Office Several years ago, I was driving along a snaking bend of State Highway 22 that bisects Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and encountered the body of massive bull elk hanging from a fence that paralleled the road, its back legs hamstrung by four unyielding strands of barbed wire. His antlers were partially [...]

Posted on: March 18 2013
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An Appreciation for Those Who Came Before


By Don Barger, Senior Regional Director, Southeast Region The expansive views of the Southern Appalachian Mountains from the summit of Hemphill Bald are enough to make anyone want to plop down in the tall grass and spend the day watching the shadows of clouds flow across the landscape. On a sunny Saturday this past summer, however, I found myself joining [...]

Posted on: January 24 2013
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New Trails Make Acadia’s Beauty More Accessible


By April Mims, NPCA’s Northeast Program Manager As a resident of the New York City area and the wife of a business school student, I’ve spent countless hours listening to my peers discuss which new mobile app or digital tool will revolutionize America and improve the quality of life for people throughout the nation. Yet, I remain convinced that one [...]

Posted on: December 19 2012
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Restoration + Poetry = Stewardship


Lessons from NPCA’s Nature Valley Restoration Event at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve By Seth Shteir, California Desert Field Representative As a former teacher, I’ve always associated autumn with buying pencils and notebooks and easing back into the school year. However, in my newer role as NPCA’s California Desert Field Representative, the season has taken on a whole new meaning. The fall is [...]

Posted on: December 13 2012
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