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Focus on Water: Florida Ups the Ante in Everglades Restoration with $90 Million Funding Surprise


By Sarah Gaines Barmeyer, Associate Director, Great Waters Program Disastrous flooding in South Florida is making the news again as water from Lake Okeechobee overflows and is released through the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee estuaries. Unfortunately, this is something that we see all too often in the region—the water that should naturally flow south from Lake Okeechobee is trapped by man-made barriers [...]

Posted on: September 24 2013
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A Boaters’ Paradise That Preserves Coral Reefs: Creating an Anchorless Park


By Joe Kessler, President of the Friends of Virgin Islands National Park Imagine boating to paradise and then—without meaning to—causing it harm. Thanks to more than a decade of work in the Virgin Islands, a national park visit by boat is now gentler on the marine environment. The spectacular coastal scenery, crystal clear waters, reliable winds, and beautiful bays of [...]

Posted on: May 9 2013
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“How Did They Let This Happen?” Reflections on the Deepwater Horizon Disaster Three Years Later


By Edward Stierli, Steve & Roberta Denning Land Conservation Fellow Many of us remember the images from the tragic Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion that left 11 people dead. The disaster opened a gushing wellhead that emptied 5,000 barrels of oil per day into the ocean off the coast of Louisiana. I worked as a teacher in Louisiana as these [...]

Posted on: April 19 2013
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Three Years Later: Gulf Coast Still Recovering from BP Oil Spill


By Tom Kiernan, President of NPCA This Saturday, April 20, marks the third anniversary of the oil rig explosion that devastated coastal communities, waters, and lands in the Gulf of Mexico and imposed tragic loss among 11 families. Nearly three years ago, I flew over the Gulf of Mexico in a small plane, to see firsthand the devastating impacts the [...]

Posted on: April 18 2013
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An Online Tour of Beautiful Biscayne


Water, water everywhere: That’s the beauty of Biscayne, where 95 percent of the park is covered by the sea. With only one mile of paved roadway in 170,000 acres, this marine wonderland is a perfect place to boat, snorkel, or dive—if you take care not to damage the delicate reefs below. Each month, NPCA puts together a slideshow exploring one [...]

Posted on: January 28 2013
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