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Sock Thief Confronts Climate Change: A Pika Tale


By Katherine McKinney, Senior Coordinator, Mid-Atlantic Regional Office It’s startlingly sunny and windswept beside the lake I have hiked two hours uphill to see in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness of Colorado. My shoes and socks are off, my muscles are the good kind of tired, and I’m sitting on a rock in the middle of a scree field next to [...]

Posted on: February 18 2014
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Boy Wonders: Meet Two Young Donors Who Turn Their Birthdays into Celebrations for National Parks


By Ron Sundergill, Senior Director of NPCA’s Pacific Regional Office Remember when you were young and asked all of your friends not to bring gifts to your birthday party? Odds are you don’t, because to most grade-schoolers, forgoing presents is an almost unthinkable sacrifice. That’s not the case for two California brothers, Owen and Zach Brunner, age 10 and 7 [...]

Posted on: February 6 2014
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Author Shares His Love for the Darkest Skies and Most Brilliant Stars


By Lynn Davis, Senior Program Manager of NPCA’s Nevada Field Office Paul Bogard has a great gig traveling around the world to ponder the darkness of night skies and the corresponding brilliance of millions of stars. Bogard, who is not an astronomer but a creative writing professor, was given a contract from preeminent publisher Little Brown to travel anywhere in [...]

Posted on: May 30 2012
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