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Her True Colors: A Q&A with Award-Winning Musician Doreen Taylor


Last week, award-winning songstress Doreen Taylor released her new single, “Colors of the USA,” which she wrote and produced to benefit NPCA’s work to protect national parks; 50% of all proceeds from the song will go directly to NPCA. Doreen began her remarkable career in music at an early age when she realized the power and strength of her voice. [...]

Posted on: April 17 2014
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Laying the Groundwork: Reclaiming D.C.’s “Forgotten River”


By Ed Stierli, Chesapeake Field Representative Imagine having a beautiful river in your backyard, but being afraid to enjoy it. The Anacostia has a bad reputation in Maryland and Washington, D.C., as one of the nation’s most endangered rivers. Suffering from heavy pollution and a lack of interest, some locals have dubbed the Anacostia the “forgotten river.” Thankfully, community advocates [...]

Posted on: February 11 2014
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Boy Wonders: Meet Two Young Donors Who Turn Their Birthdays into Celebrations for National Parks


By Ron Sundergill, Senior Director of NPCA’s Pacific Regional Office Remember when you were young and asked all of your friends not to bring gifts to your birthday party? Odds are you don’t, because to most grade-schoolers, forgoing presents is an almost unthinkable sacrifice. That’s not the case for two California brothers, Owen and Zach Brunner, age 10 and 7 [...]

Posted on: February 6 2014
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A Transformative Victory: A Q&A with Don Barger on Progress Reducing Coal-Based Pollution in the Southeast


By Jennifer Errick, Editor, Online Communications In 2011, NPCA helped broker a historic agreement with the country’s largest power utility, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), to retrofit or retire 54 of its 59 coal-fired boilers. This agreement, known as a consent decree, is not only having a measurable impact on air quality, it’s turning out to be a smart business decision [...]

Posted on: December 4 2013
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Pushing the Limits: Why I Biked 300 Miles to Fight Climate Change


By Megan Cantrell, Senior Coordinator of Member Engagement “There is nothing like pushing your physical limits to help you remember you’re alive and capable of pushing,” my coworker and teammate Elizabeth Jordan reflected. We made it! Hugs, cheers, smiles from ear to ear–that is what you saw as my teammates and fellow Climate Riders arrived at Washington, DC’s Georgetown waterfront. [...]

Posted on: October 31 2013
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