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Protecting a Home for Wildlife on the Range: Ode to a Fenceless Landscape


By Sharon Mader, Senior Program Manager, Grand Teton Field Office Several years ago, I was driving along a snaking bend of State Highway 22 that bisects Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and encountered the body of massive bull elk hanging from a fence that paralleled the road, its back legs hamstrung by four unyielding strands of barbed wire. His antlers were partially [...]

Posted on: March 18 2013
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A Strong Recovery for the Island Night Lizard


What’s three inches long, lives on a remote island, and was just removed from the Endangered Species List? Meet the island night lizard, a species unique to the Channel Islands, whose population has rebounded so significantly since 1977, as of this month, it no longer needs federal protection. This victory speaks both to the effectiveness of the Endangered Species Act and the importance maintaining public lands such as [...]

Posted on: February 22 2013
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Commercial Beef Cattle in America’s National Parks: Are You Serious?


Many people would be surprised to hear it: There are commercial beef cattle in national parks? Most definitely: More than a dozen of America’s national parks carry “grandfather clauses” that allow privately owned beef cattle to eat and trample national park resources while their owners pay just a token fee to lease these grazing privileges from the National Park Service. [...]

Posted on: July 3 2012
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