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Five Park Stories That Will Make Your Friday—and Where to Share Yours


When NPCA invited supporters to share their stories and photos on our new website,, we could hardly have anticipated the amazing responses we would get from some of the biggest fans of the national parks. As someone who has had the privilege of reading most of these heartfelt contributions, I can’t help but share a handful of my favorites. [...]

Posted on: August 2 2013
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National Parks Deserve to Be Protected from Oil and Gas Development


By Tom Kiernan, President of NPCA Theodore Roosevelt was our greatest conservation president. President Roosevelt’s boundless vision and determination resulted in a system of national parks that is the envy of the world, and has been called “America’s Best Idea.” Ironically, his namesake national park, which includes his North Dakota homestead, is currently facing a threat that could permanently degrade a [...]

Posted on: April 25 2013
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Best of the ‘Net: A Roundup of Fun Park Stuff Online–April Fools’ Edition


This week’s roundup of the best park stories online was an interesting one due to April Fools’ Day. Some of these stories are real and some are fake, but I actually believed one of the fake ones–for a moment. Guess which one. 1. I’d like to say we have all been there—setting the story straight about what it is that [...]

Posted on: April 5 2013
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Today’s Cuts Mean Wide-Ranging Impacts for Parks—and People—around the Country


By Tom Kiernan, President of NPCA By now, I’m sure you know just how serious the situation is for our national parks due to the sequester cuts which will go into effect later today. It’s alarming that this very avoidable threat is about to become a reality. From Yellowstone to Cape Cod, the Grand Canyon and Great Smoky Mountains, our national heritage [...]

Posted on: March 1 2013
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Energy Development on Public Lands: The Next Four Years


By Bart Melton, Senior Manager, Landscape Conservation On the eastern side of Glacier National Park, rugged peaks give way to high plains where the Glacier border meets Blackfeet tribal lands. On these lands next door to Glacier, oil and gas companies are in the early stages of exploration. There is little doubt that development on Blackfeet lands would be hugely [...]

Posted on: December 5 2012
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