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Unfinished Business


By Kati Schmidt, Senior Media Relations Manager While “do-nothing” is the adjective du jour for the 112th Congress, we argue that it is not a fair description for individual elected officials, but instead for the unfortunate, collective sum. Throughout the 112th Congress, NPCA supported or at least monitored 140 national park-focused bills. Within the House and Senate, numerous bills were [...]

Posted on: January 3 2013
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From Montana to Qinghai: The Importance of National Parks


By Patricia Dowd, Program Manager, Yellowstone Field Office In July 2011, I received an unexpected email from someone named Lisong Ni. I’m glad I did. Lisong is part of a small group of people working to create a new national park in China’s Qinghai Province. He contacted me because of my experience in Wyoming and Montana, including Yellowstone National Park, [...]

Posted on: November 14 2012
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Putting National Parks into the Debate: Questions for Obama and Romney


By Kristen Brengel, NPCA’s Director of Government and Legislative Affairs Note: This is the second of several stories on the upcoming presidential election. You can sign NPCA’s petition urging the candidates to pledge their support for national parks. UPDATE, October 15, 2012: You can now submit a question for the October 16 town hall debate at On Tuesday, October 16, Barack [...]

Posted on: October 9 2012
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César E. Chávez National Monument an Excellent First Step Toward Honoring the Influential Labor Leader


By Ron Sundergill, Senior Director of NPCA’s Pacific Regional Office NPCA commends President Barack Obama for announcing on Monday that he will designate a César E. Chávez National Monument in Keene, California, as the 398th site in the National Park System—the first national park unit to recognize the work of a contemporary Latino American. This designation is an excellent first [...]

Posted on: October 3 2012
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New National Parks Would Help Fill the Gaps in Our Culture and History


The decision by the United States to drop atomic bombs on Japan was one of the most important and agonizing moments in world history. While there has been and will continue to be intense debate about the wisdom and implications of that decision, NPCA firmly believes it deserves to be presented and interpreted as part of the National Park System. This [...]

Posted on: August 2 2012
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