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One Step Closer to a Manhattan Project National Historical Park


By David Graves, Northwest Program Manager Advocates have been waiting more than a decade to create a national park that would preserve historic sites and artifacts involved in the development of nuclear energy and the making of the atomic bomb. Now, we could be remarkably close to seeing these once super-secret details and places in American history open and interpreted [...]

Posted on: August 1 2013
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Preserving the Stories of Atomic City: A Q&A with Denise Kiernan


By Kati Schmidt, Senior Media Relations Manager Watch Denise Kiernan live: NPCA is hosting a Google Hangout on June 11 with author Denise Kiernan, Atomic Heritage Foundation President Cynthia Kelly, and NPCA Senior Vice President for Policy Ron Tipton. Sign up to watch live and ask the panel your questions!   If you feel out of the loop at work, [...]

Posted on: June 4 2013
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The Stonewall Inn: Why the Site of This Iconic Rebellion Should Be Part of the National Park System


By Alexander Brash, Senior Director, Northeast Regional Office On a bus in Montgomery, a lone woman refused to be sent to the rear. In the dry desert east of Yosemite lie the foundations of an internment camp where thousands of Americans were imprisoned simply because of their ancestry. In a small, drab bar on Christopher Street in New York City, [...]

Posted on: April 23 2013
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Three New Opportunities to Share Black History in Our National Parks: Join NPCA’s Google Hangout


By Brittany Ireland, Media Relations Intern Black history and the African-American narrative comprise an essential chapter in our country’s shared heritage and culture. Nearly 30 of our country’s 398 national park sites directly honor prominent African Americans and share their stories. During Black History Month, NPCA is hopeful about new opportunities—including the three listed below—for Congress to advance the National Park Service’s [...]

Posted on: February 26 2013
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Unfinished Business


By Kati Schmidt, Senior Media Relations Manager While “do-nothing” is the adjective du jour for the 112th Congress, we argue that it is not a fair description for individual elected officials, but instead for the unfortunate, collective sum. Throughout the 112th Congress, NPCA supported or at least monitored 140 national park-focused bills. Within the House and Senate, numerous bills were [...]

Posted on: January 3 2013
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