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What’s the Buzz? Cicadas at Manassas National Battlefield Park

By Todd Christopher, Senior Director of Online Communications In 1860, one year before Confederate and Union armies collided for the First Battle of Bull Run, the rolling country meadows that one day would become Manassas National Battlefield Park saw an invasion of a very different kind. Swarms of cicadas (genus Magicicada) made their appearance, as they do just once every [...]

Posted on: June 20 2013
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Birds—and Birders—Find a Welcome Refuge at Monocacy National Battlefield


By Nick Lund, Manager, Landscape Conservation Program It’s been nearly 150 years since the clash that transformed some gentle fields in northern Maryland to the hallowed status of Civil War battlefields. More than 2,000 men were wounded or lost their lives during the Battle of Monocacy, where Union troops were able to delay a Confederate march to Washington just long [...]

Posted on: June 12 2013
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Best of the ‘Net: A Roundup of Fun Park Stuff Online–the Week Before National Park Week Edition


As we approach National Park Week, April 20-28, we have discovered some great lists, challenges, and pages to follow on Facebook. People love their top ten lists! This week I discovered a few of these resources to help you make your park plans. Don’t forget our national parks are FEE-FREE April 22-26. National parks are amazing destinations to pack up the [...]

Posted on: April 19 2013
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Blue and Gray Make Green: Five Interesting Facts about Civil War Battlefield Tourism


Earlier this week, the Civil War Trust released a ten-page report packed with photos, statistics, and testimonials on the benefits Civil War battlefields have on the economy. The study, Blue, Gray & Green: Economic & Tourism Benefits of Battlefield Preservation, updates the group’s previous economic impact research with new information that underscores the importance of these historic sites during the 150th anniversary of the war, [...]

Posted on: April 10 2013
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From Civil War to Civil Rights: All Peeps Created Equal


If there’s one thing D.C. residents can’t stop talking about around the end of March–aside from the cherry blossoms, of course–it’s the Washington Post‘s annual Peep Diorama Contest. For the last six years this artistic challenge has become a spring ritual for crafty and creative people around the metropolitan area who buy up stacks of the sugary bunny and chick candies and configure them into humorous [...]

Posted on: March 29 2013
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