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The DeChristopher Effect: How Years of Controversy over Drilling for Energy in the Southwest Could Result in Compromise


By Nick Lund, Manager, Landscape Conservation Program On December 19, 2008, during the last few weeks of the Bush Administration, an oil and gas lease auction captured the nation’s attention. The auction took place on lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) at the doorstep of two of our most iconic national parks in Utah: Arches and Canyonlands. [...]

Posted on: January 22 2014
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Four Stops, One Destination: Meeting Visionary Mom Maite Arce in Her Quest to Protect and Enjoy Desert Parks


By Erika Pollard, Southwest Program Manager It was hands-down the most impressive lightning storm I have ever seen. Last month, I was driving out of Arches National Park at night with my young boys, Vann, age 7, and Billy, age 6. Every few seconds, a magnificent strike of lightning lit up the darkened sky, exposing the towering sandstone formations of [...]

Posted on: August 20 2013
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Five Park Stories That Will Make Your Friday—and Where to Share Yours


When NPCA invited supporters to share their stories and photos on our new website,, we could hardly have anticipated the amazing responses we would get from some of the biggest fans of the national parks. As someone who has had the privilege of reading most of these heartfelt contributions, I can’t help but share a handful of my favorites. [...]

Posted on: August 2 2013
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