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Is Your Representative a Friend of the National Parks?


By Elise Liguori, Legislative Representative Does anything ever get done in Washington, D.C.? The news constantly portrays Capitol Hill as a deadlocked and rancorous place where good ideas get shot down in a seemingly endless cycle of partisan wrangling. It’s true that members of Congress are frequently at odds on controversial bills, and I don’t expect that to change anytime [...]

Posted on: July 10 2013
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Unfinished Business


By Kati Schmidt, Senior Media Relations Manager While “do-nothing” is the adjective du jour for the 112th Congress, we argue that it is not a fair description for individual elected officials, but instead for the unfortunate, collective sum. Throughout the 112th Congress, NPCA supported or at least monitored 140 national park-focused bills. Within the House and Senate, numerous bills were [...]

Posted on: January 3 2013
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