• In a new poll, 94% of Arizonans agree they like Grand Canyon National Park

    News Flash: Arizona Loves the Grand Canyon

    But what's up with the haters?

    It’s official. We finally have proof that Arizonans love the Grand Canyon more than just about anything else. In early May, Public Policy Polling of Raleigh, North Carolina, questioned 600 Arizona voters on a number of mostly political topics, with a 4% margin of error. They included the question: “Do you have a favorable or […]

  • Otters at Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Alaska

    Beyond Yellowstone: 8 Unexpected Parks for Wildlife-Watching

    If you want to see wildlife, it’s hard to beat some of the largest, most popular parks in the country: Yellowstone, Glacier, Denali, Olympic, Great Smoky Mountains, and the Everglades are all winning choices. But what if you’ve already explored those parks and want to try something new—or just want to avoid the crowds? Here […]

  • An outdoors lover enjoys the Moormans River near Shenandoah National Park in Virginia thanks to a new "Path to Happiness." Photo courtesy of Therapeutic Adventures.

    River Warriors: Building New Paths to Happiness through Our National Parks

    “My definition of access is a little different from others’,” explains Mark Andrews, founder and executive director of Therapeutic Adventures, as we scramble down a bed of rocks along the Moormans River near Charlottesville, Virginia. “We could get wheelchairs down this bank, maybe even people with prosthetics—folks with advanced prosthetics move around better than you […]

  • Ten Thousand Islands in the Everglades wilderness.

    Does This Outfit Match My Canoe?

    A City Girl Comes of Age in the Everglades Wilderness

    I am a city girl and one of the most feminine women you will ever meet. I was born in heels. In high school, I was Madame Popular. Highly perfumed and accessorized, I’d walk the halls like a queen bee. I rarely left the city for the quiet of nature. Why bother? It’s too hot; I’d […]

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