• Two wolves howl at Yellowstone National Park.

    Parks Sound Off

    5 Favorite National Park Noises—and Where to Find Them

    What does your day-to-day life sound like? Soundscapes, like landscapes, are unique. They ground us in a place, providing clues as to where we are and what we can expect. Sounds, like sights and smells, add to our understanding, appreciation, and experience of a place. Our national parks have soundscapes, too. What we hear is […]

  • Trunk Bay at Virgin Islands National Park.

    Saving Shores Saves Money

    Close your eyes and imagine a national park. Did you think of mountains, towering redwoods, dense forests, or perhaps the sublime rock formations at places like the Grand Canyon? What many people don’t immediately associate with national parks are the sandy beaches, sapphire waters, and sparkling vistas of the coastal world. Surprisingly, one in four national park areas has a coast. The […]

  • The night sky over Death Valley National Park.

    10 Spectacular Parks for Stargazing

    Celebrate the Special Wonders of a Dark Sky

    As the days get shorter, stargazers have more opportunities to celebrate the night—and national parks offer some of the darkest skies in the country. If you have trouble seeing the stars from where you live, you’re not alone. Urban areas have become so bright that more than 80 percent of the U.S. population can no longer see […]

  • Persistent high temperatures could kill the namesake trees at Sequoia National Park.

    We Can’t Afford to Wait

    National Parks Play a Unique Role in Fighting Climate Change—and We Need Stricter Standards to Protect Them

    The giant trees that give Sequoia National Park its name are some of the largest and longest-lived organisms in the world, reaching their exceptional stature after persevering for thousands of years within a limited range in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. It’s difficult to look up at this kind of grandeur and imagine the sequoia as a fragile, […]

  • The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone by painter Thomas Moran, 1904.

    Thomas “Yellowstone” Moran: Influencing Change with Art

    Can one person’s artistic vision create change and protect something astounding? In the case of painter Thomas Moran, one man’s art was a major influence in preserving what is now one of the world’s most cherished places: Yellowstone National Park. Long before America had a National Park Service or a National Park System, mountain men and […]

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  • Overcoming Barriers in the Southwest

    Hispanic Access Foundation Connects Latino Youth with National Parks

    Will future generations love national parks as much as we do? It’s a question that is as old as the parks themselves, and one that will be asked as long […]

    Trivia Challenge: Can You Name This Historic Site?

    Q: In 1869, engineers connected two railway lines in northwestern Utah, completing the world’s first transcontinental railroad. What national park site commemorates this historic event?   A: About 90 miles […]

    Bringing Down the Dams

    Restoring Chesapeake National Park Waters One River at a Time

    People talk about overcoming obstacles, but when advocates literally move tons of concrete to help their local river and its wildlife, it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase. […]

    Exploring the Original Oil Country in Northwestern Pennsylvania

    This story is part of our series on national heritage areas, the large lived-in landscapes managed through innovative partnerships to tell America’s cultural history. See more stories in this series. In […]

  • 14 Summer Learning Adventures in National Parks

    School may be out for the summer, but there are plenty of ways to explore science, history, and the arts—with or without kids—in some of America’s best classrooms, our national […]

    National Park Construction Projects in Jeopardy

    An FAQ on the Highway Trust Fund

    In Massachusetts, park officials barricaded a bridge leading into Lowell National Historical Park because bricks in the structure could fall on people’s heads. In Washington, D.C., a bridge on the […]

    Fishy Business

    New Law Will Help Lock Invasive Carp out of National Park Waterways

    Imagine paddling along in your canoe or going for a swim in a tranquil national park river, enjoying a perfect afternoon. Then, out of nowhere, a fish as large as […]

    “100% Community-Driven”

    A Q&A with Teresa Baker, Founder of the African American National Parks Event

    California outdoorswoman Teresa Baker doesn’t just love national parks. She encourages thousands of people around the country to love them, too. For two years, she has been the driving force […]

  • A Unique City with an Explosive Past

    Explore Georgia's historic and picturesque Augusta Canal National Heritage Area

    This story is part of our series on national heritage areas, the large lived-in landscapes managed through innovative partnerships to tell America’s cultural history. See more stories in this series. What’s […]