Focus on Water: Celebrating World Water Day with Major Everglades Milestone


By Sarah Gaines Barmeyer, Great Waters Program Manager Today, March 22, we celebrate World Water Day. Officially sanctioned by the United Nations, this year’s theme is water cooperation, which recognizes the need to balance demands and priorities among multiple players involved in water management decisions. Much of Everglades restoration is about water cooperation and finding appropriate management solutions to meet [...]

Posted on: March 22 2013
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Budget Cuts Hit Home—Harry Truman’s Home


By Jeff Billington, Senior Media Relations Manager Somewhere in the visitor center of the Harry S Truman National Historic Site in Independence, Missouri, I worry that the park rangers pass around my photograph, my name, and a note saying: “Warning! He asks too many questions.” Well, probably not, but I deserve it, as historic sites have a way of unleashing [...]

Posted on: March 21 2013
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Funding Discussion Shares Creative Solutions for National Park Funding Woes


By Tom Kiernan, President of NPCA Make no doubt about it, the National Park Service is strapped for cash. Before grappling with the new federal mandate to cut 5 percent of its entire operating budget, the agency was already suffering from a funding shortfall in the hundreds of millions of dollars, had already taken a 15 percent cut in the [...]

Posted on: March 20 2013
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Protecting a Home for Wildlife on the Range: Ode to a Fenceless Landscape


By Sharon Mader, Senior Program Manager, Grand Teton Field Office Several years ago, I was driving along a snaking bend of State Highway 22 that bisects Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and encountered the body of massive bull elk hanging from a fence that paralleled the road, its back legs hamstrung by four unyielding strands of barbed wire. His antlers were partially [...]

Posted on: March 18 2013
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The Top Five Myths about the Sequester and National Parks


By John Garder, Budget & Appropriations Legislative Representative NPCA has been warning the public for well over a year that the deep federal budget cuts known as the sequester would harm national parks. We’ve seen a groundswell of support to restore critically needed funding to the Park Service, but we’ve also heard a great deal of misunderstanding about these funding [...]

Posted on: March 14 2013
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