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Best of the ‘Net: A Roundup of Fun Park Stuff Online–April Fools’ Edition


This week’s roundup of the best park stories online was an interesting one due to April Fools’ Day. Some of these stories are real and some are fake, but I actually believed one of the fake ones–for a moment. Guess which one. 1. I’d like to say we have all been there—setting the story straight about what it is that [...]

Posted on: April 5 2013
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Take Action to Protect Yosemite Valley’s Wild and Scenic Merced River


By Emily Schrepf, Central Valley Program Manager There are few places better known or more loved than Yosemite National Park. As a transplated Californian originally from Iowa, it wasn’t until I was in my 20s that I first emerged from the park’s famous Tunnel View to the jaw-dropping, iconic sight of El Capitan and Bridalveil Falls rising from the Valley floor [...]

Posted on: April 3 2013
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Park Service Releases Most-Visited National Park Data for 2012


Today, the National Park Service released its annual numbers on the most-visited sites throughout the park system in 2012. Though there aren’t many surprises in this year’s lists, it’s always interesting to see some of the most popular parks in the country and how these numbers compare to previous years. (You can find last year’s numbers on NPCA’s website.) According [...]

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Charles Young Monument Preserves Enduring Legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers


By James Mills of the Joy Trip Project At the turn of the last century, a great American hero set an enduring standard of excellence that forged the basis of the modern National Park System. With a “take charge” style of leadership, Colonel Charles Young commanded a regiment of U.S. Army soldiers in the construction of improved roads that made it [...]

Posted on: April 2 2013
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From Civil War to Civil Rights: All Peeps Created Equal


If there’s one thing D.C. residents can’t stop talking about around the end of March–aside from the cherry blossoms, of course–it’s the Washington Post‘s annual Peep Diorama Contest. For the last six years this artistic challenge has become a spring ritual for crafty and creative people around the metropolitan area who buy up stacks of the sugary bunny and chick candies and configure them into humorous [...]

Posted on: March 29 2013
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