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Want to Feel Happy and Appreciated? Help Out at a National Park


It’s a joyful, even goofy grin that I’ve learned to look for on the faces of National Park Service staff managing volunteer service projects. It’s a look that says, “You didn’t have to be here today, but you came anyway, and I’m so happy that you did.” I got to see that look first-hand when I joined 11 other staff [...]

Posted on: November 30 2012
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Florida Students Discover the Beauty of the Everglades by Reviving a Long-Lost Community Park


By Kahlil Kettering, Biscayne Restoration Program Analyst Too often when we think of national parks, we think of distant places enjoyed by tourists—yet millions of people in cities across the country are just a bus ride or a quick car trip away from these inspirational places. Part of what I do is help connect people—especially kids and young adults—to the [...]

Posted on: November 28 2012
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Call Me Ranger … National Park Ranger


By Sean Smith, NPCA’s Northwest Policy director and former Yellowstone ranger With the recent release of Skyfall, the new James Bond adventure, I’m reminded of how my love of the secret agent’s adventures and my passion for national parks led to writing a Bond-style thriller, set in Yellowstone National Park. Unleashing Colter’s Hell tells the story of a single park [...]

Posted on: November 21 2012
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Connecting Youth with the Great Outdoors in the Chesapeake


During a beautiful October afternoon on the Anacostia River near Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens in Washington, DC, the only noise disrupting the silence was the sound of 70 small paddles gliding into the water. There was complete stillness among the dozens of third and fourth graders navigating their large Voyageur canoes as they sat captivated by their afternoon entertainment–a [...]

Posted on: November 20 2012
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Don’t Just See the Movie! Honor Lincoln’s Memory by Helping to Preserve More of Gettysburg


Today is the 149th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. President Abraham Lincoln’s short but masterful affirmation of freedom and human equality still endures as one of the most famous and moving speeches in all of American history. It’s no wonder our 16th president continues to capture our imagination. Like millions of people around the country, I saw the new Steven [...]

Posted on: November 19 2012
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