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Author Shares His Love for the Darkest Skies and Most Brilliant Stars


By Lynn Davis, Senior Program Manager of NPCA’s Nevada Field Office Paul Bogard has a great gig traveling around the world to ponder the darkness of night skies and the corresponding brilliance of millions of stars. Bogard, who is not an astronomer but a creative writing professor, was given a contract from preeminent publisher Little Brown to travel anywhere in [...]

Posted on: May 30 2012
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Three Endangered Rivers, Countless Memories: Saving Our Nation’s Great Waters


By Sarah Gaines Barmeyer, Great Waters Program Manager American Rivers recently released its annual list of America’s Most Endangered Rivers. Although its methodology is imprecise, the report highlights real and serious threats the rivers could face this year that would change their fate for years to come. The top three rivers hold special significance to me personally, and to the [...]

Posted on: May 23 2012
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Commemorating the War of 1812: How Would You Vote?


By Pam Goddard, Chesapeake and Virginia Program Manager Did you know that the most narrowly declared war in our country’s history was the War of 1812? England’s war with France resulted in Britain imposing severe trade restrictions on the United States. England seized American ships and their freight and began forcing American sailors to crew British Navy ships. Finally, England [...]

Posted on: May 22 2012
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Valley on Fire: A Rallying Call to Save the Desert from Solar Sunburn


By David Lamfrom, NPCA’s California Desert Senior Program Manager We are driving east on a rugged powerline road in Clark Mountain’s shadow. The 8,000-foot peak is covered in snow. Pinyon-juniper forest commands the windshield view, with Joshua tree woodland in the rearview. As we negotiate the rocky pass with its perilous drop-off, we see the shimmering dry lakebed of Ivanpah [...]

Posted on: May 21 2012
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Friday Photo: Hi-Def Yosemite Webcam the Latest Online Glimpse into the National Parks


Computers and mobile devices around the world were roaring with the beauty of waterfalls this week as officials at Yosemite National Park announced  a new webcam at the park, giving users a view of the spectacular Upper Yosemite Falls–the tallest waterfall in North America, rising 2,425 feet from the valley floor. The webcam updates every 30 seconds with live images of the [...]

Posted on: May 18 2012
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