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Earth to Congress: Spend More Green on Green Programs


This morning, NPCA joined more than 30 other environmental organizations calling on Congress to allocate more green for America’s green programs. Just 1.26 percent of our federal budget went toward land, water, ocean, and wildlife programs in 2010—a percentage that has actually decreased in the last several decades. The economy may be tough, but protecting public health and promoting responsible stewardship of our [...]

Posted on: February 10 2012
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Taking Care of America’s Best Idea


“If you were forced to find savings in your personal budget, you would not make cuts across the board. You would not tell your bank that you are reducing your mortgage payment, you would not stop packing lunch for your children, nor would you let your roof continue to leak. You would be more strategic.” National parks are among the [...]

Posted on: February 9 2012
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Can Pullman’s Planned Community Become Chicago’s First National Park?


By Lynn McClure, Director of NPCA’s Midwest Regional Office Picture this: Big city expressways and a network of train tracks lined with industry, businesses, city buildings, and schools—for miles. Then, out of the landscape rises a giant clock tower. This is your first glimpse of the Historic Pullman District on Chicago’s South Side. The Pullman District is on the National [...]

Posted on: February 8 2012
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Channeling Buffalo Soldiers at Yosemite


NPCA’s new video, The Way Home, travels with members of a church group from Los Angeles to Yosemite National Park to reconnect with the land and learn about the history of the Buffalo Soldiers. The Buffalo Soldiers were enlisted African-American cavalrymen in the U.S. Army in the 1860s who served, among other roles, as the nation’s first park rangers. At [...]

Posted on: February 7 2012
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The Best Mobile Apps for Park Trips


By Reina Gonzales, NPCA’s Northeast Office Coordinator There are thousands of mobile apps geared toward travel. To help narrow it down, we’ve sifted through them for the best apps for planning trips to our national parks. You can find all of them in the iTunes App store. Many are also available on Android Market. NPCA NPCA’s free National Park Field [...]

Posted on: February 3 2012
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